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By researching reflections on surfaces you can see differently. Refracting in water, glass or metal, the surrounding world disintegrates and reassembled in a different, special way. You can see implicit connections in the structure of objects, hidden details and unexpected images that have arisen from the source of personal experience, which are missing in explicit vision. When I work with reflections, creative search is turned on, shifting the assemblage point.

The stability of the surrounding world is an illusion. The world, as we perceive it, is different every second in this perception. But this can only be understood in a dream, in deep meditation or in an altered state of consciousness, when the gate to the unconscious opens. The mind reassembles reality every moment. In this sense, working with moving reflections in curved surfaces is an external exercise of constructing an internal one. This is the artistic practice of the borderline state.

Michael Novokshchenny
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