The new generation of artists to which Michael Novokshchenny belongs has a remarkable quality: this generation refuses to support the point of view of contemporary culture as a closed and self-contained system doomed to self-reflections. New artists start all over again and again follow the path of trial and error, among the streams of fashionable culturological theories, each replacing the other, they find support in themselves, in their understanding of the world and its sensations.

These are pictures about the fact that art is experienced by a man as his own living body, that art has become a person’s body and his modern guise.
You can have a look at actual artworks in the artist's studio, or in the MustArt Gallery.
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Summer 2020
Catalog of artworks created in the summer of 2020. Includes paintings from the abstract series "Infinity" and the series "Wings", made on black canvases.

The “Infinity” is a brandnew series of paintings and the result of experiments that develop the ideas expressed in the “Wings” series.
My research of the transformation, motion and interaction of energies in time and space within one stable form pushed me to make the form
itself free in artistic expression.

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Petra Smeenk

Hilversum, The Netherlands

We have several of Micha’s paintings in our house. We love his brushstroke, his colors and the movement in his paintings. Even after all these years we still love them a lot. Because the paintings are so vivid we never get enough looking at them. We have some paintings about Moscow nightlife in our livingroom and in our diningroom, so

we can enjoy them every day. and for us they are a memory as well of the good times we had while living in Moscow.

Denice Crosby


Michael Novokshchenny was such a wonderful, inspiring teacher of oil-painting for me when we lived in Moscow from 2004-2008. A friend had told me about his art and that he taught classes so I signed up and was thrilled with his teaching and guidance. Having now lived abroad in several different countries,I still to this day value his artwork. He finds inspiration through nature and beauty; and creates such beautiful works of art from his muses and inspirations. He is an extremely talented artist and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend his classes when I lived in Moscow.

Vicky Pelaez

Cusco, Perú

I am Vicky Pelaez from Cusco, Perú and I has been affortunate to have several master classes with Michael Novokshchenny during which he has not only helped me to improve my technique but also give me insight about inner spaces that sorrounds us and we frequently do not see them.

Sue Allen


My name is Sue Allen. I’m from the North of England. I was lucky enough to live in Moscow for a few years during which, one of the major highlights of my experiences was attending Michael’s workshop. I was at a crossroads of my artistic journey and Michael helped me to develop the skills to move forward on my own journey. Since then, I often imagine what he would say when I’m puzzled what to do next. It was a pleasure to get to know such an accomplished artist personally and to see his processes of working. I would love to return to Moscow for some more workshops!



Для меня посещение занятий Михаила - это изменение существующий реальности. Когда я попадаю в мастерскую, я оказываюсь совершенно в другом измерении - творчества, свободы, легкости, вдохновения. Это не классические уроки живописи, которые я посещала ранее, это - диалог с собой, с художником через образы и предметы. Михаил выступает как проводник в мир творчества и созидания.



Я пожалуй могу отнести себя к постоянным студентам Михаила, так как он преподаёт в разных техниках. Был период рисования с натуры. И моя цель была найти какие то более живые инструменты, поскольку классическая школа делала работы немного бездыханными. Я пробовала технику литья, и это тоже было круто. Даже повторяла потом с ребёнком дома. Но здесь уже ставились другие задачи на простор и отключение головы. Если вы хотите познакомиться с крутой Личностью профессионального художника, когда каждое слово вам будет хотеться запомнить, начитанного, реально желающего передать вам крутые знания и реальные техники - то да! Вам стоит посетить хотя бы 1 урок. Это уникальный преподаватель! И это настоящее везение, что уроки можно посещать в Москве!