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In the "Wings" series only one shape was consciously chosen. Widespread wings of a butterfly, which can be freely filled. The theme of movement inside a static form is a uniting moment of the “Wings” series. The changing rhythm of substance transformation rebith and movement is felt everywhere and different in all the works of the series. Inside the wings can be recognized shades of shapes, traces of material objects. Out of the chaos thriugh the artist that gives the impulse of birth - the shape gains harmony of variety and becomes a whole thing.

The changes of multidimensional images create a metaphor of artistic languages that gives a special emotional intensity and plastic in paintings.

The objective nature of reality is revealed in those series. The inner structure and dynamic collisions are depicted there, creating a unique system of symbols that form a map of reality.

The painting of the Wings series was nominated in the "Imago Mundi" competition of the Benetton Foundation.


2018 - Personal exhibition "Movement in Reflection" Moscow, Renaissance Monarch Center Hotel.

2016 - Performance "Freedom of Action" and personal exhibition with MustArt Gallery / Moscow, St. Andrew's Cathedral. Video

2015 - Personal exhibition "Wings - movement in nature" at the Zoological Museum of St. Petersburg with the support of the English Club and the Department of Entomology.

2014 - exhibition within the framework of "Imago Mundi" at the Biennale in Dakar (Biennale d'arte di Dakar). Video

2012 - Joint project with the Fabrica Research Center of the Benetton Foundation. Video

2012 - Personal exhibition "Wings & Shapes" within the Nocturne Rive Droite de Paris, organized by the Russkiy Mir gallery, Paris.


"Wings" (Lara Bobkova)

"Experiments in Psychoplastics" (Alexander Balashov)

Michael Novokshchenny
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