The body language

Petr Baranov, Art critic, Curator of CADF (Contemporary Arts Development Fund)
Mikhail Novokshchenny was born in 1967, began his career from childhood: his formation began with studying at the Severouralsk Art School (1982), continued at the Art School of Krasnoturinsk (1986). After which he entered the Russian State Academy of Arts. I.E. Repin (1991-1995) at the Faculty of Graphics. Even then, the young artist moves from graphics and watercolors to oil painting, and his works take on a monumental character and emancipation appears in his work, an awareness of the created forms as growing and moving, a solution to space appears due to his own expressive construction. The artist moves away from academic realism to the author's drawing, and later to his own artistic language. Experiments and innovations have pleased gallery owners both here and abroad: since 1994, Mikhail's works have been exhibited in Russia, Europe and the USA, where his personal exhibitions have taken place. And since 1996 the artist moved to Moscow, from that moment a new round in the work of the master begins. Mikhail is an artist of postmodernism, like any modern Russian painter, but his philosophy goes into a completely different dimension. For him, the synthesis between art and nature is important. He directs his works into the harmony of nature and art, using also innovation in technology and materials. The artist uses his graphic capabilities, using a mixed technique in the form of images on canvas with charcoal and ink, writing and finishing them with alkyd enamel, which gives a dense unusual pastiness and a transition from a matte surface to a glossy one. This method perfectly conveys the extraordinary inner energy of the master. Recently, the artist has also introduced dry oil into his painting technique, which gives him the opportunity to finish painting on dry basis, and to return again and again to the canvas, renewing and renewing the paintings, adding the necessary and relevant color scheme.

In the painting of Mikhail Novokshchenny, there is a play of planes and space. Through his experiments, he creates a "multi-level" painting, which must be viewed in different light, and then different spaces and transitions from near to distant appear. Due to the synthesis of materials, special artistic effects are achieved and complex spatial solutions are achieved.

Experimenting with the forms of the body, the artist wants to show us all the beauty of man, and here a fantastic theme of admiring the forms and aesthetics of natural beauty arises.
A series of nudity in the artist's work was collected throughout his life, but today we can say that the author shows us the best works created in recent years and confirms the viability of the theory of the synthesis of man and art. This testifies to the author's getting into the actual contemporary space of thinking and seeing forms.

During the years of study at the Academy. I.E. Repin Mikhail often created sketches and sketches of models, and now this skill has flowed into a separate art project "BODY LANGUAGE". The works from the series have an unusually rich color and an obvious outburst of human emotions, who deliberately took as a basis the diversity of the human body and forms, transforming them into the author's artistic phantasmagoria. The heroes themselves for the artist personify movement, air, freedom that he received, freeing himself from the shackles of classical academic art.

By affirming the theme of the human body on canvas and paper, he overcomes the transience of real existence and prolongs the magic of the universe to infinity.