"Bereg" Art-residence. Session IX

TOPIC of IX session "Letters from Pontus".
Both the sea and Homer - everything is moved by love.
Whom should I listen to? And now Homer is silent,
And the black sea, whirling, rustles
And with a heavy crash he approaches the headboard.

When we walk along the seashore, we involuntarily think about the place and time in which we live. With the sound of the sea wave, we plunge into memories. Everyone has their own: someone is worried or happy about what happened many years ago, others live in the present, but the thought of why "this way and not another" worries everyone.
Writing, like a work of art, speaks of the personal: feelings, thoughts and events. Letters are different: love, military, friendship. What unites them is a certain level of detachment and sincerity that you don't immediately realize. A letter is an inner monologue, an intimate voice. A message about what is happening to us.
This is especially felt in a place where we are alone, by the sea, away from the noise of big cities. It is important that we are on the ancient banks of the Pontus Euxine. Here, great thinkers, poets and rulers of empires in exile found themselves cut off from their homes, their inner experiences found their images in letters. In the usual hustle and bustle, we are used to exchanging short phrases in instant messengers. We reduce and compress a lot of important little things for the sake of the speed that modern realities dictate. As Sartorius, the hero of Solaris, said: "A man needs a man." He realized this when he flew into the orbit of the planet, the surface of which was covered with a thinking ocean. On the conditional shore, all the heroes were alone with their memories, not everyone was able to do it. Writing is a kind of accumulator of memories that are already difficult and dangerous to keep in oneself.