"Play of light"

Exhibition of paintings by Mikhail Novokshchenny "Play of light" in the gallery-hall of Sergei Zimin Helikon-opera.
The picturesque canvases of the artist Mikhail Novokshchenny are so bright and varied that, seeing them for the first time, it is impossible to imagine that these are the works of one author. The exposition in the Foyer Gallery of Sergei Zimin unites paintings from different series: Reflections, Interpretation, Black Wings, Figures, Movement of Light, Time, abstract compositions ...
Wise people advise keeping a journal in order to solve troubling emotional problems and cope with trials. Mikhail Novokshchenny courageously and recklessly trusts the canvas and paints of the experiences caused by what happened, his ideas and thoughts about life, his joy from the magical play of light, which inspires and transforms simple things and events. Under the artist's brush, the canvas becomes a boundless and changeable space of his life. His "statements" are expressive, impetuous and energetic, each time they require a special technique, a special loving gaze.
Painting, like music, cannot be told! You need to hear music, and see painting ...
November evenings of "Helikon" spectators will be decorated with amazing music and paintings by Mikhail Novokshchenny.
Since 1994, numerous solo exhibitions of the artist have been held in Russia, Europe and the United States, masterly mastering a rich palette of fine techniques: he paints in oils, acrylics, turns to graphics and drawing with watercolors, charcoal, ink, and mixed media.
Mikhail Novokshchenny has developed his own techniques, for example, using dry oil, this allows him to return to what was written, changing and adding the actual color scheme, which radically changes the concept of a painting, as completed once and for all and frozen in time.
The painting exhibition "Play of Light" in the Foyer of Sergei Zimin will last until December 5.
Exhibition curator Anna Gribkova-Tkhostova